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Last Crusade

September 2009

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Last Crusade

Well, one small step for an obscure fanfic writer...

It finally happened. I finally broke down and started in on this blogging thing, like 5 years after it was cool. If you're here, you probably know me from ED. I decided now was as good a time to start blogging as any, what with my finally updating a freaking story and all. Speaking of which...

Status of the shit I'm writing:

Goodbye To Romance - Chapter 22 is started... from like a year ago. Bark At The Moon took over my brain and I haven't been able to write anything for it. I have the rest of the events planned out in a little Notepad file, but it's the getting from point a to b to c that's giving me troubles.
Bark At The Moon - Chapter 7 is finished.
No Future For You - Only one or two more chapters left, and I have a general idea of how I'll end it. Updating this isn't a very high priority though.
Bloody Mary - Ditto.
Humanary Stew - Funny story, this is actually the first fanfic I wrote. I have like 6 completed draft chapters, I just don't like them so I'm re-writing. This story is my #3 priority after GTR and BATM.
My songfic challenge I issued on the ED forum - Let's not go there, okay.

Well, since it's Free Comic Book Day, enjoy some free comic book pages...

From Blue Beetle...

Rule 34 bitches

And a classic one from Sandman.

It was either this one or the hope one


Look out! Step aside! Big Sis coming through!


Welcome to.... this place that most know as a cesspool. xD

I love how loud your page is, lol. And you even posted something. Wahoo! Want the HOA's LJ links? There's a few in here. It's hilarious that you finally make an LJ when I'm ready to damn near abandon mine.

*shakes fist over ironic timing*

Re: Look out! Step aside! Big Sis coming through!

Well, I had to see what all the hub bub was. At least I'm not autoloading a song at full blast like someone else I could mention...

Re: Look out! Step aside! Big Sis coming through!

There is no way to adjust the sound.

>.> Not that i know what you're talking about or anything...

Re: Look out! Step aside! Big Sis coming through!

I'm sure you don't...

Re: Look out! Step aside! Big Sis coming through!

<.< Heh...

Danga!! OK, I wanted to add the 'Fluff' to the end but I didn't *grins unrepentantly* :D
But must say am impressed you braved these - as My Onna put it - cesspool waters! You may be running for the hills tho, who knows, lol.
And love your colorful entrance, very eye-catching. :P
Look about and have fun, just stay away from the paranas tho, hehe. :D
Hey, there's no fluff!
hehe.. yea there am! :P
You are Dangafluff! :p

Sometimes you am so easy - gotta love ya tho! :D
I am not...

And stop talking like a lolcat...

A what?
You know, those pictures of cats with the little captions that are always mangled English.
*scratches head... *